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While skill is certainly not easily acquired as knowledge, learning new tricks can definitely better your technique and make your craftsmanship stand out among the rest.

It is your responsibility to develop your talent and hone your craft to perfection. There is no other way to do so but by diligent practice and by constant acquisition of new knowledge. Although you may argue that it is not always possible to attend conferences or to enroll on crash courses for joinery, there is no excuse why you should be left behind. There are always other means to get what you need to excel in your craft.

Bear in mind that woodworking, though it may seem mostly physical labor, actually involves analytical thinking too. It requires meticulous planning, innovativeness in designing and great agility in constructing the idea into place. Analytical thinking is also a skill – a mental skill that cannot be neglected or else you encounter a domino effect of problems when building your project. Unfortunately, there is no novel option to cultivate your analytical prowess than by reading. In your case, it is reading woodwork magazines or books.

Though there is no doubt that there are countless books out there, they may be too long to read, too specific to cater for your wide array of needs and may not contain the latest trends that you are looking for to provide your project a sharp-cutting edge in the woodwork arena. Thus, it is recommendable to subscribe to woodwork magazines that are mostly an easy read and contains the most up-to-the-minute ideas that you can apply to your next project. By doing so, you will gather new tips and techniques to be on your way on becoming a savvy and ingenious woodworker.

Here is a list of magazines that you can subscribe to. Whether you are looking after employing a fine or traditional woodwork or whether you want some help on techniques, At least one of these popular magazines will definitely appeal to you. They can provide you with interesting articles that features many of your different concerns. They can also give you reviews about tools and machineries. Plus, you will never go short-changed with the project plans they have prepared for you.

• Popular Woodworking
• American Woodworker
• The Woodworker’s Journal
• Fine Woodworking
• Workbench
• Wood
• Woodcraft Magazine
• Family Handyman

Below is an example of a woodwork magazine article that you can’t skip. Although this may seem uninteresting for your pulsating excitement over new styles and great projects, this unquestionably is needed to ensure that you get to finish your work.

1) Plan Your Cut – Although muscles can twist metals, the brain is still more powerful than any bicep. So before cutting or doing any movement in your workshop remember to use your most powerful tool – your brain. By calculating your every move in your brain before acting you can avoid cutting your fingers or wasting wood.

2) Maintain a Workable Shop – A disorganized and messy shop is a hazard. Always keep your shop free from any clutter. This will ensure you added safety from your tools and other objects that may pose as potential threat.

3) Concentrate on Your Work – Focus. Be keen. A split-second of distraction can split your arms too. Always complete your cut first before taking the blade out of your sight.

4) Don’t Rush – Take your time in completing every task . More mistakes usually happen when you are too much concerned with speed rather than the quality of work.

5) Don’t Force It – If something is suddenly not working. Do not force it to work. Stop and then take the time to assess what is wrong.

6) Guard Your Body – Wear proper protective gears when you are working on your project. Wear goggles, mask and ear muffs to protect your vital organs.

7) Allow the Tool to Stop – Give the machines time to slow down after a cut. Most accidents happen because of this neglected mistake. Remember that it is not dead unless it is still moving. A running blade can still do damage even when the power is already cut off.

8) Vapor and Air particles – Chemical fumes and particulate matter suspended on air may follow respiratory health problems. Aside from that, fumes pose as a fire hazard since most of these solvents are combustible. There should be proper ventilation that allows fumes to get out in exchange for fresh air.

9) Wear the Proper Attire – Do not wear loose clothing. This may get caught up in machines and might spell disaster.

10) Do not Drink Alcohol – Create a policy that you never do any woodwork after drinking. Alcohol is a depressant and this will decrease your focus and alertness.


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