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Eight Exciting Reasons to Attend a Woodwork Event

Every once in a while, you need to get out of your rut and bask under the sun. Get your dose of Vitamin D and energize yourself with new sights and sounds. Get a time to relax and to revitalize your passion. Remember the old saying 'all work and no play makes a dull man?' Eventually, if you just continue drilling, cutting, routing, and sanding you will lose your vitality. You certainly don't want to make your life monotonous right?

Although for some of you who share in the principle of Benjamin Franklin that time is money and it will be a waste to be "a man of leisure" at one time or another, it is still possible that you take an off from woodworking while at the same time enjoy an equally productive endeavor. A good way to hit these two birds in one stone paradigm is by attending woodwork events.

Though it may not be common to hear news about woodwork events, they abound. Go and visit community colleges or schools that offer courses in architecture, interior design and carpentry. These institutions usually organize events to showcase their students' works. Try also to look for ads in magazines and other periodicals, woodworkers associations and other related organizations may be advertising invitations for their upcoming events or conferences.

Now, why is it important that you leave your power tools for the meantime and head somewhere else to sharpen your senses? Here are eight good reasons to attend a woodwork event.

Get to Travel. It doesn't matter whether you'll be driving only for 30 minutes to an hour or taking a long flight to the other side of the globe. What is important is you get to inhale fresh air and get to feed your eyes with new delights. The journey alone gives you an opportunity to gather new inspiration for your next projects. What more when you have finally reached your destination?

Meet People who Share your Passion. It stirs the soul to meet someone who shares the same interests as you do. You suddenly feel the rush of endorphins due to the excitement of being surrounded by people who are one with you. There is this soothing and calming effect on knowing that you are with a company who understands your needs and sentiments.

Discover the wonder. Once you are in the event regardless whether it is an exhibit of a great woodwork collection or a mere gathering of colleagues, You will discover a certain wonder as if you were a child again being mesmerized by every new and even not so new objects that appeal to your senses. You will be thrilled with the agility of others and be amazed with the possibilities that you can also do.

Expand your Horizon. Ultimately, the experience of attending an event will broaden your understanding and commitment to excel in your work. Since it gives you an opportunity to evaluate yourself and your works, it allows you to know better the strategies that you need to do to better your craft.

Widen Your Network. Upon going to an event, it is inevitable to meet people. This is your chance to step up and show some entrepreneur in you. Even though you are just making projects for a hobby, it is not bad to get some contacts who may be interested in buying your projects. This is also the time to increase your social and professional circle of people who can give you tips or discounts when buying tools and timber.

Spread Yourself. This is the time and place to spread yourself by sharing what you know. Many will be eager to listen and learn from you in this venue about your techniques and creative concepts on design. If you are an expert, do not hesitate to teach your best practices.

Make yourself proud. It is your time to shine. Some events will allow you to bring with you some of your finest projects. If that's the case, keep your modesty aside and show the world your masterpiece.

Go Home with a Full Heart. At the end of the day, even if you didn't have the chance to be a speaker or your circle of friends did not grow as much, with all the other things that you can experience, you'll still be going home with a full heart.


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